What’s in ePCO?

ePCO provides you online application of Cost Analysis (CA) and Preferential Certificate of Origin (CO) forms for:

Certificate of Origin (ePCO) is a web-based Certificate of Origin application and approval system. It is an online document that certifies the country of origin of a particular product. The ePCO is intended solely to prove the origin of goods in order to satisfy customs or trade requirements. It can be used also as supporting documents for the issuance of corresponding Certificate of Origin by another authorized party. It provides other functions to users such as:

ATIGA : ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement

Formerly known as CEPT, ATIGA Scheme is a cooperative arrangement among ASEAN Member States that would reduce intra-regional tariffs and remove non-tariff barriers.

GSP : Generalized System of Preferences

GSP is a system whereby developed countries grant preferential treatment to eligible products imported from developing countries, so that exports of developing countries would be competitive in the developed countries markets. The preferential treatment is in the form of reduced import duties, and granted without reciprocal obligation on the part of the developing countries.


Textile is another type of Certificate of Origin for textile, fabric and clothing products and provide it to the importer to obtain the preferential treatment. Malaysia's export of textiles and clothing’s to the respective countries are subjected to each countries category of material.

FTA : Free Trade Agreement

FTA is a designated group of countries that have agreed to eliminate tariffs, quotas and preferences on most (if not all) goods between them. It will also eliminate duties and commercial barriers to bilateral trade in goods and services between two or more countries. The tariff reduction schedules for each country will vary depending on the goods. It can be considered the second stage of economic integration. The FTA benefits are to the investors, exporters, consumers and workers. FTA consists of:

• ACFTA: ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement
• MJEPA: Malaysia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement
• MPCEPA: Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement
• AKFTA: ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Agreement
• AJCEP: ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership
• MNZFTA: Malaysia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement
• AANZFTA: ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement
• AIFTA: ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement
• MICECA : Malaysia-India Comprehensive Economic Coorporation Agreement
• MAFTA : Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement
• MCFTA : Malaysia-Chile Free Trade Agreement
• MTFTA : Malaysia-Turkey Free Trade Agreement

Modules in ePCO

Standard Module

ePCO Standard Module is a module provided for the traders and manufacturers as to apply online Cost Analysis (CA) and Preferential Certificate of Origin (CO).

Manufacturer Module

ePCO Manufacturer Module is provided as to accommodate manufacturers who would like to assign their Cost Analysis to other Traders (To be used for CO Form application) without exposing their finished products' actual cost (Which can be obtained from Cost Analysis application).

Below are the difference between ePCO Standard Module and ePCO Manufacturer Module:

ePco Standard Module ePco Manufacturer Module
Provide Cost Analysis application Provide Cost Analysis application
Provide CO Form application Provide CO Form application
- Able to assing Cost Analysis to other Traders
(Trader will not be able to view Raw Materials' details i.e. Good's actual cost)
Cost Analysis and CO Form is applied by 1 same company Cost Analysis and CO Form is applied by different companies
• Cost Analysis : Applied by Manufacturer
• CO Form : Applied by Trader